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You are here: COVID-19 Rules

COVID-19 Rules for hygiene and behavior - For participants, officials and guests.

The SILVERRUDDER TEAM looks forward to seeing you at this year's great sailing event in Svendborg. We will make every effort to ensure that your participation will be COVID-19 safe. We must all bear in mind that the health of all involved in the SILVERRUDDER is more important than sailing and out mutual responsibility. Help us take good care each other.

These instructions are based upon the Danish Health Authority's guidelines for the prevention of infection under COVID-19. These COVID-19 rules may be adjusted up to and during the SILVERRUDDDER 2020 event.

We all love the SILVERRUDDER event and therefore share a mutual responsibility to comply with these instructions in order to contribute to a safe practice that lives up to the guidelines set by the Danish National Board of Health.


As a participant and official, you must remember to:
     • Wash your hands frequently or sanitize your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub
     • Keep your distance and ask others to be considerate by doing the same
     • Cough or sneeze into your sleeve - not your hands
     • Limit physical contact – avoid handshakes, refuse kisses on the cheek and avoid hugging
     • Be diligent with cleaning – ashore and on your boat
     • Use the alcohol-based hand rub dispensers that are located in all key locations
     • Maintain a distance of at least 1 meter
     • Avoid bringing your hands up to your face
     • Wear a face mask when inside the Meeting Point. You are not required to wear a face mask when on board your boat or during the race
     • Stay away from the SILVERRUDDER event if you have the slightest symptoms
     • Return home if you get even the slightest symptoms.


     • Wear a face mask when inside or near the Meeting Point
     • Face masks are provided free of charge to everyone at the entrance to the Meeting Point
     • Stay at the Meeting Point for as short a time as possible
     • The Meeting Point is open from Tuesday morning at 09:00 until Sunday at 14.00
     • You can register in the Meeting Point from Tuesday morning at 09:00 to Thursday at 16.00
     • Upon registration, fabric bracelets will be handed out to each participant. These must be worn throughout the event.
        Bracelets are pre-packaged for participants. Only participants wearing a SILVERRUDDER bracelet will be allowed to
        enter the Meeting point
     • There will be no tables at the Meeting point this year. There will only be exactly the same number of chairs as
        number of registered participants.
     • Please no not swop chairs – Kindly sit down and remain seated during the skippers briefing.

     • The skipper briefing is held in the Meeting Point which is furnished with chairs for the exact number of skippers
        in a manner that complies with the rules of the Danish Health Authorities. PLEASE DO NOT REARRANGE THE SEATING.
     • Family members, guests, etc. will not be able to participate in the skipper briefing this year but will be able to watch it online
       on SILVERRUDDER’s YOUTUBE channel and on

     • There will be no communal dinning this year after the skipper briefing.
     • Participants will be given a pre-packed dinner and a beer / water, which can be eaten in their boats.
     • The pre-packaged dinner is handed out upon presentation of a participant bracelets immediately after the skipper meeting
        when leaving the Meeting Point.

     • Random Safety checks will be carried out on an ongoing basis from Tuesday morning and up to the skipper meeting
        on Thursday at 17.00.
     • Our Safety Officials will conduct visual checks that the safety regulations described in the statutes are complied with
        without the Safety Official going below deck.
     • Please have your safety equipment and insurance document ready for inspection on deck when the Safety Team arrives.


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