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The Challenge

Silverrudder™ – Challenge of the Sea - is an annual singlehanded boat race, which takes place at autumn equinox this year the start goes Friday the 16th september 2022 in Svendborg on the island of Funen (Fyn).

Denmark. Silverrudder Challenge has 7 boat categories, and there will be announced winner in each of them. That is, if the competitors are able to beat last years winners in speed. As the number of contestants increase, the competition is also getting tougher. But the challenge is still the same: 134 Nautic Miles around Funen – only you and your boat!
In 2012 the race was launched and attracted 15 tough contestants. In 2013 100 contestants have signed up, among them sailors from Sweden, Germany, Sweitzerland, Slovenia and Denmark. Silverrudder Challenge 2013 was the biggest international off shore singlehanded regatta in world this number was doubbled in 2014 where more that 200 registred. In 2015 the race sold out on the third of May three month prior to race start when 330 had registred and 430 confirmed entries in SILVERRUDDER 2020 - once again the greatest non-stop singlehanded off shore category III race ever in the world. .

Are you up for the challenge? 



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