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Welcome to SILVERRUDDER 2022 

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The SILVER RUDDER Team offers no early bird discount, but the price remains unchanged for the fourth year running. Euro 161 or Dkr. 1200.


Race on 16. September

450 starting numbers only


Resale was sold out in 7 minutes.


See facebook groups for more information:
SILVERRUDDER Challenge of the Sea

Or SILVERRUDDER sailors and support community




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 One of the big sponsors for Silverrudder is X-yacht, which are sponsorship gifts for the participants in Silverrudder, but also for the volunteers.
The main prize for the volunteers is a week's sailing in an X 4.0 My buddy was so lucky to win this great prize.
We have sent the ladies to Portugal; also the men's trip is scheduled for next week for Ruben, Rune and the undersigned. Thanks to X-yacht for the great sponsor gift.

     Steen Lundager


 Here you can watch livestream from
the registration.

Thanks for a memorable event and for all your kind comments. We will be ready
to receive you with open arms again
next year for an even greater event.
Here are a few simple facts from this year's race:

Registered boats: 450
Cancelations before the start: 29
Boats that stayed away with no cancelation: 67
Boats that started the race: 354
Boats that completed the race: 329
DNF: 25

New records in all 7 starts
Please do not hesitate to send us suggestions on how we can improve
this great race to:


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