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SILVERRUDDER™ Challenge of the Sea 2024

The start

1. The Challenge. SILVERRUDDER™ Challenge is arranged once a year with start and finish
in Svendborg. The race is sailed singlehanded around Funen. The direction depends on the
prevailing weather conditions. The start is at around the autumn equinox. Mid to late

2. Record holders. At the Silverrudder™ Challenge, eight trophies are awarded to the
record holder in each of the boat categories below. The winner of each category is the
fastest skipper to singlehanded circumnavigate the island of Funen under sail in accordance
with these Statutes and the Sailing Instructions. The boat from each category holding the
fastest circumnavigation to date, retains the Silverrudder™ Challenge trophy until this
record is broken. However, SILVERRUDDER record holders are required to return the
trophy to Svendborg Amatør Sejlklub before the start of the following years SILVERRUDDER

A perpetual Rookie prize is awarded to the fastest SILVERRUDDER first-timer in the SMALL Keelboat class.

3. Boat categories. All measurements are in feet (1 feet = 0.3048m) according to hull
length as per Equipment Rules of Sailing for 2021-2024 World Sailing definition.

Keel boats:
From 18.00 to 25.00 feet incl.
From 25.01 to 30.00 feet incl.
From 30.01 to 35.00 feet incl.
From 35.01 to 40.00 feet incl.
From 40.01 feet and upwards.

From 18.00 to 28.00 feet incl.
From 28.01 feet and above.

4. Change of boat. Participants may change boat up to 10 days before commencement of
the race.

5. Transfer of Entries. Entries are personal and non-transferable.

6. Finisher T-shirts. All participants that complete the Challenge in accordance with the
Statutes and Sailing Instructions are awarded a Finisher T-Shirt upon return of the tracking
device and number pennants.

7. Starting fees. Only skippers that have enrolled and paid the starting fee in accordance
with the Sailing Instructions may race.
Current SILVERRUDDER record holders are automatically entitled to participate in all future
SILVERRUDDER Challenges as long as their record stands. However, their enrollment must
be received and paid no later than 30 days before the start of the SILVERRUDDER Challenge.

8. Seaworthy Sailing Boats. Any suitable and seaworthy sailing craft can enroll for the
SILVERRUDDER™ Challenge. The SILVERRUDDER Safety Committee has the right to reject
any boat which is deemed unfit for the race. Boats must have a Ballast/Displacement ratio
of 22% or more to compete. Skippers may not use trapezes to maintain thair boat in upright

9. Single hand. Silverrudder™ Challenge is a singlehanded race. Only one and same person
may be on board the boat during the entire race around Funen.

10. Racing Rules. The race is executed in accordance with the International Regulations for
Preventing Collisions at Sea (COLREGS) and in accordance with the governing Sailing
Instructions for Silverrudder™ Challenge.

11. Trackers. All participants must carry a tracking device handed out before the race.
Upon enrollment, participants agree to return their tracker promptly after the race or
when collecting the Finisher T-shirt. Participants will be charged a fee for failing to return their
trackers and participant number banners.

12. Identification numbers. Participating boats must display two vinyl SILVERRUDDER™ Challenge
banners with start numbers. These will be available upon registration and must be attached to
each side of the boat, so they are visible from a horizontal distance. The vinyl banners must be
returned along with the tracking device upon completion of the race.

13. Sail Identification. Boats must be identifiable by their sail number and sail logo. All boats
must therefore display numbers and a unique logo on their mainsail.

14. VHF. All participants must be contactable via either handheld or stationary VHF radio.

15. Navigation Lights. It is the responsibility of the skipper that the boat has fixed statutory
navigation lights that are switched on from dusk until dawn in accordance with the
International Rules for Preventing Collisions at Sea (COLREGS). Boats of less than 7 meters
in length MUST ALSO have fixed navigation lights. Strobe light may only be used in
Distress situations and are NOT accepted as navigation lights.

16. Mandatory Safety Equipment. All boats must be fitted with the following mandatory
safety equipment:
♦ Life jacket: a CE or SOLAS approved lifejacket or buoyancy aid MUST be WORN at all times
during the race
♦ Safety harness
♦ Fixed safety line/jackstay along along each side-deck for attachment of the safety harness
♦ VHF. Stationary or handheld (incl. batteries for a realistic estimated sailing time)
♦ 2 (wheel marked) red handheld flares, within expiry date, OR 1 red Electronic Visual Distress Signal
♦ 2 (weel marked) distress rockets, within expiry date 
♦ Fire extinguisher
♦ Bucket or bailer
♦ First aid kit
♦ Powerful flashlight and / or head lamp
♦ Knife
♦ Suitable anchor with anchor chain and/or line ready for immediate use
♦ Mobile phone

17. Mobile phone. Upon registration at the Bureau, all participants must provide the Safety
Committee with their mobile phone number and the phone number of a contact person ashore.

18. Mandatory Insurance. Each participating boat must have a valid third-party liability
insurance that also covers sail racing. NOTE: Proof of cover must be shown during safety check.

19. Disqualification. Any breach of the above statutes will result in disqualification or a
suitable penalty at the discretion of the jury.

20. GDPR regulations. The informations you register when you enroll is categorized as
non-sensitive personal information according to the Danish GDPR regulation.
The information will be stored for later use. See more here.


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